Oh, this was a LINE?

Short post today, it has been a long week and while I still have many peeves to cover, I intentionally chose a short one today.

A few weeks back two friends and I were on the hunt for steampunk clothes and stopped by a Taco Bell to grab lunch.  The three of us lined up behind the lone customer at the register while he sorted out his order.  As he was ordering an older man walked in the door, looked right at the three of us (making eye contact with me, the first in line), and promptly chose to stand right in front of me.  My jaw dropped, and I hesitated, for perhaps he was just planning on asking a quick question, or something he felt was worthy of cutting in line.

A few moments later, the first customer shifted down the counter to wait for his order to arrive, and the older man stepped forward and began to order.  "Sir?!" I interjected rather loudly, "Sir - we were in line ahead of you!"  He soundly ignored me, acting as though he couldn't hear.  The cashier looked at us, looked at him and I shrugged at her.  She mouthed "sorry" to me while he began rambling his order off.  After he had paid he stayed firmly planted in front of the register as the cashier looked at him with a confused "Why are you still here, I told you to move down to wait for your food" look. 

I stepped up, caught his eye and asked "Sir, if you're done ordering, could you let those of us who were ahead of you in line actually order our food?  You pick it up down there once you've ordered."  I motioned to the other end of the counter. 

"Oh, you were in line?  I didn't even see you!"  Was this guy's only defense.

My jaw drops again, and I composed myself with my best "customer service" deep breath.  "Yes, sir, we were.  Could you please move out of the way and let us order now?"  He slid half a foot away and I turned to the cashier, who apologized.

Now, in my head I was screaming "YOU LOOKED RIGHT AT US!"  I know he saw us, I know he was aware we were a line, and I know he chose to ignore that fact because he figured he could play the "I'm old" card and get away with it.  And you know what?  I hate him.  I hate him for reinforcing a stereotype that the elderly are weak and deserve to cut and can do impolite stupid things because of their age.  My grandparents are not weak, they would never cut in line, and they certainly would never do something impolite just because they knew they could get away with it.  It is offensive, rude and messed up.

And I hate him.

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